Wine tourism in the Netherlands? – Hotel in wine barrels

One inventive German furniture artist taught us to love our planet – showed how great it is to reuse the used bottles from bottles .

Today we have one more remarkable example of recycling, already from the sphere of wine tourism . Here, look how creatively the guys from the port town of Stavoren , the Netherlands, approached the development of their hotel business . And, at the same time, to the business of prolonging the life of old wine barrels.

In general, I wonder where the drunken barrels go. Anyway, these several oak barrels, the volume of 14500 liters, taken out by trucks from the French chateau, were adapted by enterprising Dutch for double hotel rooms. For lovers of wine tourism are perfect.

Only for 75-100 euros per season and for 15-20 in the off-season you can feel yourself immersed in the wine theme. Where much more immersed. Or Diogenes , to choose from. Here – that you are closer, addicted to wine or diogenous alternative . In any case, when you show your friends vacation videos – you are ensured success.

This is not at all what to take the tour, to go sightseeing in an organized way and to fall asleep under the roof of an ordinary hotel – this standard set is unlikely to surprise anyone. Of course, to feel for a short time Diogenes – will be more abrupt, more marginal. If desired, falling asleep in a cylindrical space, breathing in the residual smell of tannins, you can even imagine yourself as a nonconformist …
But we do not insist, you can stop at a five-star wine hotel .

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