Wine for family life

Well, wine for dating, you know. And what about wine for those who have already turned in, who has run out of romantic flowers and started a real life, and who else to drink and drink together, “until death do us part”? Consider 10 basic situations from the family reality.

1. Sedache-lying-down weekend at home

Merlot: lying on the couch in training, watching TV shows.

Pinotage: fall into an armchair, read a book and imagine yourself almost an intellectual.

2. Returned from Ikea

We study the purchase. What dominates?

  • Meatballs, cranberry jam: immediately fry them, open the port of ruby ​​or Sicilian red.
  • Next rack / chest of drawers: why not drink another pino grigio?
  • Ton of vanilla candles: we open a barrel chardonnay, the best source of vanilla.
  • The latest version of the cheapest stylish blanket: a budgetary New World warms up better.
  • 56th set of kitchen spatulas: prepare something awful, complex, disappointed, order pizza, chianti forever.
  • 143rd orchid, which will wither tomorrow: you do not have enough tropics – smell the gevurtstraminer.

3. We returned from vacation. How to live on ?!

Sauvignon blanc: cheap (money is all spent there ), novosvetsky (gives gooseberry bushes in your native land, puts everything in place, now you are  here ).

Cabernet Sauvignon: Firstly, it has a lot of tannins, and they not only knit the tongue, but also help to get in shape after the flights and fit into the regime, and secondly – currant, such homemade jam in half-liter jars of mayonnaise.

4. Returned from the cinema, theater

We drink frivolous prosecco, we are distracted from the tragedy of reality.

If the actors played badly, we finish off with dry, bitter riesling and spicy Asian noodles from a snack bar in the district.

5. General cleaning

Zinfandel : tonic compote, vacuum, sip, wash, sip. Aerobatics – finish the bottle at the same time as cleaning.

Sherry: if everything is tough – a bottle of sherry, a bottle of detergent, and go ahead.

6. Tired of each other

Closure in the nursery: drink dessert, treat your child’s toys, and soon the sweetness-touching will eclipse the irritation.

Closing in the bathroom: drink well chilled, boring white, until you vomit from cold tiles and cold wine.

Closing in the kitchen: destroy the supply of sausages and sausages for a cheap cat-du-ron.

Scandals, intrigues, investigations: wash with shiraz, he is all so mocha with cinnamon, tightly embraces and reassures, flipped with plates and bad words – enough.

7. Anniversary

Champagne, the present: if everything is fine with you, and the years flew by unnoticed.

Port wine, but older: if this family paradise sometimes, at some angle looks like hell.

8. Meeting with grandparents

Red Bordeaux: classic, stability, reference to family values, well, everything is clear.

Layth harvester: sweet wine from berries, dried on the vines, – that everyone was sweet-beautiful, and not a hint that the parents zayuzumilis.

9. Children around, you will not relax

Muscat: to breathe on babies roses and honey, and not burning spirits, and to the question “Mom / Dad, what do you have?” To answer “this is such an adult lemonade.”

10. Dressing Games

Languedoc, southern, burning: just do not need pppp and “I’m your tiger, you’re my kitty.”

Rioja, older: we refrain from the forecasts and comments, well, you understand.

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