The wine diet from Jan de Hema reconciles both ascetics and hedonists

Champions of a healthy lifestyle got to the calendar. Now all dietetically anxious American citizens celebrate June 2, today , the Day of Healthy Nutrition and the refusal of excesses in food . It’s even more comical that this is the answer to another, equally insane initiative. It turns out that first there was a Day when you can eat whatever you want, or the Day of gluttony, which is celebrated on May 11. That is, the hedonists still outstripped the ascetics, and now, after the response of the latter, there is a certain balance in the camp of dietetically irreconcilable people. It is impossible not to mention here a serious trauma of common sense. What kind of opponents are they? The Hedonists, celebrating once a year Day-when-they-all-can, admit that the rest of the year they are all forbidden to themselves. 1 day of gluttony vs. 364 days of abstinence. Is not this the strictest diet?:)

Personally, we would register to the opposite parties a reconciling diet. Which involves a harmonious combination of asceticism and hedonism within a single day. With the growth of hedonism in the evening. This is a very simple and understandable diet, we borrowed it from our beloved, beautiful, incomparable small Dutch. Four centuries ago, they thoroughly depicted in their marvelous still lifes all conceivable and unthinkable diets of their time. (If, of course, it is permissible to consider their subjects in this perspective.) Why is it that the small Dutch are so dear to us in this matter? Because they automatically turned any diet into a wine! And this is not the primitive modern wine diet, which is just a mockery of the feeling of beauty in us (hard-boiled egg, tomato, drink wine-fu-yu!), and the real wine – when a sip-another wine accompanies a full table, a gourmet meal in the full sense of the word. Here it is, the wine diet, in four bars, simple and concise, from the magnificent Jan de Hem , the unrivaled master of the Dutch still life:


Morning – air. Only fruit and berries. A little wine. Grapes and its derivatives. A sip of dry white or, conversely, a sweet dessert – this will be enough. The wine here is just like a fragrance, a shade of the morning, the main thing is fruit.


In the afternoon we weight the diet with something significant. Seafood or poultry will be just right. Half a glass of wine, no more, we have an evening ahead, and the opportunity will be provided.


In the evening we give the will of culinary and gastronomic imagination. You can do everything, but we will try the best. Along with the gifts of the sea and the bird, the boar and antelope will also be appropriate. We do not lose our heads, we do not eat – we try, we do not drink – we taste.

Before bedtime

Eating at night – mauva. At night, there is much more to be done than fighting the consequences of overeating. Therefore we do not levy. A glass of wine. To have a bite with olive. Inhale the fragrance of a rose. Reread important. Think about the eternal.

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