Wine boutiques online: 5 original ways to promote wine in online stores

In runet it is not easy to buy wine “sitting in pants in my kitchen.” And that it, like a pizza, delivered in 45 minutes. But they just do not get busted out to sell you wine online. Below we publish an overview of the most catchy, most advanced super-neural-nano technician promoting wine in Western online stores.

1. Health Factor

hqOn the website of the Vinopic store ,next to the wine image on the heart icon, the “health factor” of the wine is placed.

A very witty move is to force an inexperienced consumer to choose a wine based on its “usefulness.” If you find analogies, then it will not be like selling “light” cigarettes, in which “less harm”. It’s more like a series of “our juice or yogurt is better, because it has more vitamins.” In this case, the role of “vitamins” are polyphenols . And on the site it is scientifically justified that the more of them, the more complex the wine, the more interesting it is to taste and healthier. By the way, I noticed that cheap wine on this site is not “healthy”.

2. Open user rating


The fact that for a long time already almost all online stores, except for wine, have been put into service – to give buyers the opportunity to leave their feedback about the product, including negative ones.

The champion in online innovation, the British store Naked Wines , is actively developing on its site user communication services. In addition to the opportunity to comment on wines, they can also join interest groups, buy wine together at reduced prices and join a paid vip club called “Angels of winemakers”.

3. The embodiment of wine


Another undoubted innovation of Naked Wines is that instead of information about the farm, the user can simply look at the winemaker. The image of a human face is a colossal force. To see this, imagine a hundred dollars without the portrait of Ben Franklin, but with a small cognitive text about the United States. Agree, such dollars no longer seem to be a powerfully secured gold reserve.

4. Event Monitor


At Naked Wines, the actions of users on the site are turned into a marketing tool that creates a “dash” around the wine catalog. Seeing how in real-time the message ribbon is updated in the spirit of “Stephen just bought a wine,” you too, willy-nilly, go and see what kind of wine Steven liked so much.

5. Freebie on the clock


Internet version of the idea of ​​a “happy hour” in the wine project of Gary Vainchuk ” Wine for Cinderella “. Every day on this site only one wine is sold for a super-low price, and when it is completely redeemed, instead of a bottle the user sees a pumpkin image. Acquisition of wine, t.o. turns into a gamble: often the discount circulation is very fast.


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