Top 10 wine hotels in Europe according to wine tourism lovers

Summer, it’s time to rest. A lover of wine tourism collects suitcases and thinks about hotel armor. But what do we know about the best wine hotels in Europe ?

First , we know that this innovation is recent, as well as general wine tourism – wineries have become available for general public visits relatively recently, 10-15 years ago. The first wine hotel, Le Sourses de Caudalie , was opened in Bordeaux in 1999.

Secondly , now these hotels are turning into multifunctional wine resorts – hotel, cellars and tasting rooms, enotherapy and swimming pools, excursion programs and lectures, museums and thematic exhibitions, master classes and training courses. You can even fly over vineyards in a balloon or helicopter.

Thirdly , for wine hotels there is a table of ranks – there is a premium Wine Hotels Awards . Recently experts in the hotel business, as well as hundreds of practicing wine lovers, who tested the service of more than one wine hotel, voted ( ) for the top ten winners. The best wine hotel was recognized as the French castle of the XIII century Chateau De Bagnols .

Below, we present the entire list of winners in the competition for the 2009/2010 Wine Hotels Awards. So, the 10 best wine hotels in Europe:

1. Château de Bagnols, France
2. Marques de Riscal, Spain
3. L’Andana, Italy
4. Reads Hotel, Spain
5 . Les Sources de Kodeli (Les Sources de Caudalie), France
6. Peralada (Peralada Wine Spa & Golf Hotel) , Spain
7. Akvapura (Aquapura Douro Valley Hotel) Portugal
8. Château de Berne (Chateau de Berne), France
9. Casa Da Calcada (Casa Da Calcada), Portugal
10. Hacienda Zorita, Spain

1 place

Château de Bagnols
France department of Beaujolais

The castle with well-preserved towers and a lift bridge before entering is included in the list of the most valuable historical heritage of France, located among the most picturesque hills and vineyards near Lyon, on the territory of Beaujolais. Guests find themselves in the beautiful original historical scenery of the 13th century; preserving the reconstruction has entered into the inner space of the castle a wine cellar and a five-star hotel with a restaurant with Michelin stars.

2nd place

Marques de Riscoal (Marques De Riscal)
Rioja, Spain

The hotel was designed by the architect Frank Gehry in his signature style at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. We already wrote about the hotel Marques De Riscal and its special wine program, which, in addition to a fantastic architectural exterior and very comfortable interiors – a restaurant with a wonderful cuisine, SPA with enoterapy, wine cellar, ancient wine cellars, vineyards, celebrations and weddings for wine lovers tourism, as well as excursions to Elsiego, to the ancient “City of Wine”.

3rd place

L’Andana of
Tuscany, Italy

The former residence of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, from where he went hunting in his possessions, which stretched for 500 hectares and went out to the sea. The views of these magnificent landscapes with olive groves and vineyards can be enjoyed by today’s lovers of wine tourism. And also the cuisine of the famous chef Alain Ducasse, developed spa services and, of course, the magnificent wines of Tuscany. The hotel is very popular as a fabulous venue for various festivities and celebrations, in particular weddings.

4 place

Reads Hotel
Mallorca, Spain

The hotel is open in the territory of an old villa. The lover of wine tourism has excellent parks, gardens and vineyards, as well as the building itself, which is a real museum of art – painted with ancient frescoes and antique furniture perfectly combined with elements of modern architecture and design. The hotel has a quite modern spa-resort “Vespasian” and a restaurant with a Michelin star.

5 place

Les Sources de Caudalie (
Bordeaux, France)

The small hotel is located in Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, the region of Medoc and Grav . Here come for enotherapy, relaxation programs, health-improving rejuvenating procedures and weight loss programs. A fine wine and excellent cuisine from the chef Frank Salen, who brought to this hotbed of wine tourism a Michelin star.

6 place

Peralada Wine Spa & Golf Hotel,
Catalonia, Spain

The five-star hotel accepts both fans of wine tourism, and golfers, beach lovers, enoterapii and walks in the wonderful surroundings – vineyards, nature parks and beaches that stretch 15 minutes from here. The magnificent cuisine emphasizes local dishes and wines.

7 place

Aquapura Douro Valley Hotel
, Douro River Valley, Portugal

The luxury apartments are located on the reconstructed old villa, which saddles the steep slope of the southern coast of Douro. The buildings, stepwise running down, serve as a link between the river and the vineyards, located higher on the terraces of the landscape. Developed services of enoterapy, excellent service, Mediterranean cuisine and splendid ports have consolidated the institution in the top ten best wine hotels in Europe.

8th place

Château de Berne
Provence, France

A boutique hotel in the historic center of Amarante, on the road between Porto and the Douro Valley. This beautiful majestic mansion with a renowned creative cuisine restaurant and a wine list of exclusive wines from the Vinho Verde region. From here, tours of Portugal’s many world heritage sites are organized, including caves with prehistoric rock paintings and monuments to the Roman Empire. The hotel is also popular as a venue for international conferences and elegant weddings.

10th place

Hacienda Zorita
Salamanca, Spain

The hotel is located on the territory of the winery, in the past – the Dominican monastery of the XIV century. At the disposal of wine tourism lovers – an ancient windmill, a chapel, centuries-old trees and vineyards. The river flows directly under the 5-storey buildings of Casa Grande. The wine of its own production and local cuisine, coupled with the legends associated with the history of the place – it seems that Christopher Columbus lived here for a while – as a magnet attracts numerous guests here.

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