Student revels in the 19th century

You never know what goes down in history. You build a stella in honor of the conquest of the Lullubee tribe, and not the stela, but the clay tablets from the utility room, reach the descendants. In which there is nothing about lullabies, but how many of your slaves died of disease – all. An important document is at hand at the melting pot of the revolutionary sailor, and an insignificant description of the students’ feasts of the 1850 model survives the centuries, is translated into the figure and appears in our blog.
So, without superfluous words – an excerpt from the memoirs of the literary critic A. Skabichevsky.

Student’s feast (late 50’s of the 19th century)

Ah, young student revels, how much they left in each of us dear and cherished memories! I can not help but say a few words about them.

On private, occasional drinking, there is nothing to spread. One comrade will go to another – they will talk, argue, play chess; there is nothing more to be done, and both have a little money in their pockets, which they do not regret spending.

” Heide ” – a restaurant at the hotel merchants Heide, who owned the house number 19 on the Cadet line. Institution in the style of a German inn with billiards and a common table. Read more here

So they go to Geid, to Kinsh or to some kind of birgal. Such private impromptu feasts were for the most part modest in nature: one bottle for two red wine or two or three bottles of beer was drunk, and friends peacefully dispersed to their homes with a little noise in their heads.

A completely different character wore common drinking. They were usually arranged in a fold, at the apartment of one of the comrades. In such cases, vodka and beer were completely absent. We drank almost exclusively foreign wines – madera , sherry, lafite , sen-julien, Bourgogne, sometimes, especially on special occasions and when everyone was at the money, champagne appeared on the table. It was cheap in those days: for three rubles, for four rubles it was possible to buy in a cellar a bottle of any brand – both the redererand the clique ; thus, there was no more than fifty rubles or a ruble per brother. In general, the feast was done, with wine and snacks, no more than five rubles a person; this was quite enough for the eight boys to get drunk to the position of the robe.

In addition, we prevented the wine without any sense: champagne was sipped with sherry, after the cognac drank lafite or moselvein … As a result, they drank very quickly, and the hour did not pass after the beginning of the drinking, as a terrible soda of general insurrection rose: who danced, who fought with the comrade ; the less intoxicated continued to lead some philosophical dispute, and the pliant languages ​​carried unimaginable nonsense; in the end, the arguers changed their statements …

We were all people of the north, were born and spent our childhood in the walls of St. Petersburg, and this was reflected in the fact that no songs were singing on our drinking bouts, not excluding the classic “Gaudeamus” – we did not know his words.

At the same time, we did not have any quarrels in a drunken state. We did not allow in our mutual relations the slightest cynicism, gross mockery, insulting nicknames, etc. A sense of decency and respect for someone else’s identity did not leave us even when neither language, nor arms, nor legs obeyed.

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