sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc: shot in the bushes of the currant

Sauvignon Blanc is a vivid grape. It is easy to guess in a glass, according to the characteristic smell of currant leaves, and it is difficult to keep indifference to him – this furious currant or love, or despise. We spread the dossier on a variety, such grapes should be known in person.

We are all relatives Sauvignon Blanc

So, Sauvignon Blanc, the native Frenchman. Born in Bordeaux, or in the Loire Valley, these grapes always have a vague biography. In Russian would be called “Wild White”. Is daddy (or mommy?) Cabernet Sauvignon, he sealed it with Cabernet Fran.

And more about kinship ties to finish off the topic. Sauvignon’s parents are Shenin Blanc and Traminer. Chenin Blanc is also a Frenchman, he is often added to sparkling ones in his homeland, where he introduces the emphasis of salted peanuts, in a solo version of pathos and roads. Now for a variety of undertook in South Africa, he brought down the pathos and allowed mere mortals to assess their potential: a melancholic quince and romance of haylofts. Traminer (Traminer) is an Austrian, a fragrant variety, the wine from it smells of lemon marmalade and roses in dew.


But now only about Sauvignon Blanc. If you describe its smell and taste in a few words – then it’s white currant, citrus, milk peas and very often seals, well, or, as experts say, “a varietal note of a sheet of currant.” This very sheet just exudes a smell resembling a cat’s tray.

Chemistry puts everything in its place. In wines from Sauvignon there are thiols. They are synthesized from thiourea – CH4N2S (and urea is CH4N2O, the difference in the 1 st molecule). What the seals do is not far from the component of Sauvignon. By the way, thiols are still part of the liquid that skunks splash. Do not worry, these thiols – a couple of molecules per bottle, do not squeamish and rename Sauvignon Blanc to Sauvignon Skunk.

Summary: catch cat in Sauvignon – normal, like gasoline in Riesling, it’s not a defect. Generally, winemakers can save us from this taste – to collect grapes later. But then they risk overtaking the Owls on the vines, and then get stupid, flat tropics in bottles. Instead of standard cats under the bushes of currants, young peas and grapefruits.

Smoke, nerves, gooseberry

  • Sauvignon-French, from Bordeaux  is a strict currant, raised citrus and an affordable price tag. We are very fond of the white Bordeaux and are sad that it is gathering dust in the shops, and everyone is walking by, not knowing how wonderful it is.
  • In the same France, but in the Valley of the Loire  do Sauvignon elite: sansery and Puyi-fum. Sancerre (sancerre) are full of decadence and river coolness. A puilly-fume (pouilly-fume) – green apples and gunpowder.
  • Italian Sauvignons breathe from a glass of spicy herbs, are good for fish with these same herbs.
  • Austrian  – light and simple, but very charming and so easy to drink, that after 5 minutes half a bottle as it has not happened.
  • Chile  – the craziest currant, over the tropics and candy, the Chileans are well, very bright and daring, while budget, which is nice.
  • New Zealand – gooseberry oozes, tropical fruits yell, such a sauvignon on anabolic.
  • And more California – here some Sauvignons stand in barrels and call fume blanc (fume blanc), smoky sauvignon. They tasted like toast with currant jam, they are expensive, like all overseas wonders.


In general, Sauvignon is an ideal pair to fish, fresh and baked, and any seafood. But here are a few more options for consumption:

  • Soft cheese, curd or goat. The main thing is not to start a tear for Shavra.
  • Summer soups on kefir. Forgive me if it’s winter now, and it hurts to read.
  • Yogurt and everything that is associated with it. That is now you can justify your sauvignon for breakfast.
  • Asparagus. A capricious, expensive hysteric, to which almost all wines do not fit.
  • Sushi and sashimi. The cheaper the land, the cheaper the wine.
  • Chicken breast. With Provencal herbs, aestheticism.
  • Smoked fish. Serve on yesterday’s newspaper.

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