What prevents us from drinking wine

We have enough people whose income level and lifestyle means that they could be interested in wine, in large cities so especially. But the volume of wine consumption still looks miserable against the background of volumes of consumption of beer and vodka. And often people avoid guilt not for some important reasons (life principles do not allow, allergy, they like stronger), but because they think: wine is something sublime, not everyone can understand it. This is reinforced by another pair of annoying errors, which in reality are nonsense.

Misconception 1: drink wine – understand, do not want to delve into – drink beer

People are of two types. Someone can not enjoy the banana until it knows where these bananas grow and what type of root system they have. And someone just eats a banana, and he feels good. If you are the second type, we advise you to relax: some berries smell, you like the taste – everything. What difference does it make where the wine comes from and what grade? To know is necessary only that which brings practical benefit.

Someday – after a couple of wines, because of which I want to write a will or a lady in the middle of a meeting, I’ll run to the toilet to scribble sms to the former – there may be a need to understand. But you will know why you are doing this: to understand what from which bottle to wait, where red with tender sweetness – to bear to my mother, where wild and brutal – to drink a leg of lamb. And the necessary information will easily fit into the head. But while life did not make you go into wine theory, you can and should enjoy the opportunity to receive the most pleasing kind of pleasure – a pleasure that allows you not to include the brain.

Misconception 2: understand the fault – it is unrealistic

Understand the fault – it’s real, the main thing is for someone to talk about him in a human way, and not in a dreary professional language, as people from the wine world like to do. It seems that almost everyone there implanted in the brain an axiom: winemaking is a sacred process, wine is an elixir for the initiated, a mere mortal must not know its secrets. But all the same, wine is not a painting of the late Renaissance, but primarily a “food product”. On the sausage, no one tries to compose long treatises and in this spirit to argue: the tones of fermented-smoked flesh are intertwined with subtle glutamate nuances.

But about wine – kilometer articles, the more you read, the less understandable. The taste of wine is described as supposedly elegant and clever: “This sparkling is characterized by a persistent perlage and a balanced acidity; at first mineral, in due course it leaves in the tone of bread crust and honeysuckle “. But you read – and pulls to send this wine away with his pearl, something too zamorochenno. Although it is possible to write about the same thing more simply, without dropping professional dignity: “Bubbles in a glass will be sure, they will last a long time. The wine is very fresh, with sourness, but it does not frighten. In the taste there is something marine, then there are flowers and rolls. ” You read this – and at once certainty, to take or not to take, where to take and how everything will end. And wine already seems so ordinary, everyday thing.

It’s also normal to tell how wine is made, how to recognize a grape variety in a glass, what brut is. Rare, upstart enthusiasts try to do this. The rest, it seems, decided that the god of winemaking would find a punishment for them, if suddenly some Petya from the district after their article about wine begins to understand something and will go to buy his first conscious merlot.

Misconception 3: a couple of times I took wine in a supermarket – it’s tasteless, it’s not my theme

Buy a really tasty, impressive wine in the supermarket is very difficult – but not because the wine as a whole thing is tasteless, and not because you do not know how to choose. Just do not have much to choose from. The vast majority of bottles in supermarkets – a dull alcohol-containing compote. And we, idle at the shelves, do not choose. We play the lottery. Chances to win – 5-20%, depending on the level of the store.

At the same time on the shelves is not a liquid, dissolved from the powder in the suburbs. On the shelves, the wine that was produced from the fermented grapes, all right. And like he gave the normal money, you open it – it’s sour so that the face distorts, it smells not so pleasant, it feels like you do not drink wine, but chew the parquet. Lucky more – well, fruit-berry, you can drink. Especially if you freeze in the freezer for half an hour and chew food. A pleasure where?

Pleasure is not present. Because it is really thoughtful and with an eye on the needs of the person who buys this wine, it is not tried before putting it on the shelf. The main thing is that the price and terms of the contract with the supplier are delicious, not wine. Ideally, special people should once a quarter wool assortment and tasting white, pink, sparkling – these wines quickly grow old, change in taste, fruit and freshness disappear. And if something has become old, sell it for shares, not for wines in good shape. But it seems that we will not live to such a paradise.

Even a man who drinks wine regularly and understands it, after a couple of “successful” trips to the supermarket in hysterics, is thinking about tie up with wine. And the person who took a bottle of wine almost the first time in his life, the more decides: “No, this is not mine.”

And where to take a normal wine? So far – we live at the expense of word of mouth. Do not hesitate to interrogate all sorts of different acquaintances, somebody will say: I’m taking a classy Sauvignon there, that’s an adequate consultant in this vinotheque. And that, with restaurants, non-plastic tomatoes and good meat – about the same situation.

Misconception 4: Normal wine costs at least two thousand

A decent wine starts with rubles from 700, in general you can not get out of the range of 700-1000 and do not feel restrained in the joys. Yes, wine for such money will not give extravaganzas in a glass, but when you take a bottle on an ordinary Tuesday for an evening – extravaganza and do not, I just want to sit well or drink food. In addition, the most reliable way is to start with simple and understandable wines, and only then, if you want to pump, gradually move towards complication and, accordingly, appreciation.


To join wine, nothing special to do is not necessary, except that a normal glass and forget about all sorts of stereotypes. Wine is not a drink of the gods, but a thing that is everyday and quite understandable. Understand it at a basic level by everyone’s strength. Just drinking wine and not trying to enter into something – is also a perfectly normal approach. In general, everything says that it’s easy to love wine and it’s time to do it.


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