Only you, meat and wine

Briefly and on the matter of what to drink a piece of meat. We mean meat, virgin, cooked without extra gadgets. Olive oil, here and there pepper or a branch of rosemary, and on fire. And then – sprinkle with a large salt and pour the wine into the glass. We tell which one exactly.

To start with the basic rules:

  • We look at our meat. To red (beef, lamb, duck breast) you need red wine, to white (chicken, turkey) – white. Pork and rabbit on the edge – they are suitable for a rose or light red, or white denser.
  • Analyze the piece further. The fatter it is – the more acid and powerful the wine should be.
  • We estimate the age of the killed flesh. With the adult, only wines will be coped, rougher, with a rich taste. Young meat is better to drink wine with a light, with a bias in berries and fruits.

Now examples of specific wines. We indicated the price range, which is better to navigate. That is, everything that is cheaper is dangerous to take, pleasure is doubtful. And all that is more expensive – it is not worth taking, because it will be nice there, but it can be just as pleasant for less money.


Steak classic, marbled and with fat –
Ribei, T-Bon, New York:

= carmenere (carmenere, Chile,  650-1500r.)
= cabernet new-world (cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa, Chile, Argentina,  700-1500r.)
= Ribera del Duero (Spain,  1500-2800 rub.)

A tender piece, only pink flesh –
fillet mignon, tenderler, veal:

= pink eye shade eye (Italy, Spain,  650-1500r.)
= Chianti (chianti, Italy,  750-1600r.)
= zinfandel (zinfandel, USA,  900-2000 rub.)


= indiscreet color rose (Spain, Italy,  650-1500r.)
= Riesling, better semi-dry (riesling, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, 80 0-1600r.)
= Beaujolais Villages, France,  800-1500rub.)


Tremulous lamb:

= zweigelt (zweigelt, Austria,  800-1500r.)
= cat-du-ron red (Cotes du Rhone,  1000-2000r.)
= Pinot noir New Zealand (pinot noir,  1000-3000r.)

Ripe lamb:

= cabernet new-world (cabernet sauvignon, Chile, South Africa, Argentina,  1000-2000r.)
= maremma (Maremma, Italy,  1000-2500r.)
= not cheap malbec (malbec, Argentina,  1200-2000r.)


Legs, wings:

= rose brighter if the chicken in spices (Italy, Spain,  650-1500 rub.)
= white from Sicily or from Apulia (Sicily, Puglia, Italy,  700-1500
rub .) = chardonnay (oaked chardonnay, countries of the New World,  700- 2000r.)


= Pinot grigio, white and pink (pinot grigio,  650-1500r.)
= Grüner veltliner (gruner veltliner, Austria, 9 00-1500r.)



Same as the chicken breast.
See above.


= chianti riserva (chianti riserva, Italy,  1200-2500r.)
= sira (sirah, France, South Africa, Chile,  1200-2500r.)
= rioha seasoned (rioja reserva, 1500-2700 rub  .)



= pink bordeaux (Bordeaux Rose,  650-1500r.)
= Chardonnay (chardonnay,  650-1500r.)
= cat-du-ron white (Cotes du Rhone,  1000-2000 rub.)



= saperavi older (Russia, Georgia,  500-1000r.)
= carmenere (carmenere, Chile,  650-1500r.)
= langdoc (Languedoc,  1000-2000r.)


To reject our strict list is possible. If on a note there are wines, similar in type. For example, instead of a pink bordeaux, open up some other rose, the same berry and neat. And instead of Beaujolais, a vallage is a thin Valpolicella, it is also about fruit and berry frivolity.

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