Gevurtstraminer: perfum on complex nipples

Yes, the Gewurztraminer variety with the name was lucky. The wines from him are as impressive as his linguistic name: fragrant to stupefy, indifference here will not be preserved. Either love fatal, or wrinkle and passionately hate. Knowingly Gevurians adored Marlene Dietrich, who did not tolerate half-measures.

Speech and perfumery

In fact, originally this grape was called Tramin in honor of the village in the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige, where it grew. Then the Germans sniffed at him, took him to his place and called Gevurz (Gewurz in German “fragrant”). And then everything somehow merged, and the Gewurztraminer turned out. We send greetings to your speech therapist.

If this same gevurts was discovered somewhere nearby, you will immediately understand – the aroma is very well perfumed. First the pink garden turns its head, then you get stupid from tropical fruits in honey. For beginners – an ideal option. First, do not scare too smart nuances, and secondly – try once and never again with anything you will not confuse. And there will be a chance to show off, if that. Remember the name so that when you next meet this wine, make an effect on others – exclaim without hesitation: “Gevurtstraminer!”. Success is guaranteed.

Difficult character

A difficult-to-pronounce name was discussed, now about character. Here everything is also not easy, Gevurts – a sort of capricious. She breaks like a starved actress. It does not tolerate heat, but frequent rains, you see, too. Resistant to gray rot, but from a caterpillar-leaf roller claps into a swoon. During flowering, it can suddenly become crazy and crumble, and after winter it recovers for as long as if it survived the blockade.

Because of such freaks in the New World, they refuse him in favor of the unfrozen guys – Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Only Australia and New Zealand continue to expand the site. Well, yes, Gevurts, the lip is not stupid – an excellent climate and chic landscapes in the spirit of “The Lord of the Rings”. The main thing is not to forget the native house, but he is still in Europe, there Gevurts and shows everything he is capable of.

The best

Reference geyvrtsy do here – Alsace, France, on the label looking for the word Alsace . Excellent work out both dry and sweet versions. In sweet wines, gevurts are usually in the company of other local varieties: Riesling, Muscat and Pinot Gris. Wines are obtained, on the one hand, full of candied fruits, on the other – dangerously intoxicating. The taste varies, depending on the composition of the participants: sometimes sweets and Eden, sometimes there is sourness, and sometimes there is bitterness. But candied fruit in spicy smoke is almost always.

One problem: in Alsace it is not customary to write on labels, dry wine or not. Therefore, look at the fortress: wine with 12-12.5% ​​alcohol, most likely, will be sweet or semisweet. Well, and on the label should be these words:  Vendange Tardive (Vandage Tardive) . This means a late harvest, that is, grapes were harvested when he was a little skimpy, evaporated excess water and gained more voluptuousness, then to fully bring it into the wine. And the wine is exactly sweet, if the label says this:  Selection de Grains Nobles (Seleccion de Gren Noble). This means that noble mold has worked on berries, it hung on branches, it drained from it senseless water, leaving only the most important thing.

And the external side: all Alsace wines are poured into harmonious bottles of elongated shape (the same “Alsatian flute”), and specifically the Gevurian inscriptions on the label are executed in Gothic type. Style first.

Let’s go through Europe

Walk will be short:

  • Germany – Palatinate; Reinhessen: Gevurians are quite acidic here. Some experts from them open their noses – supposedly a real gevurc does not possess such an acid. And we like it – the wine, as expected, smells like a bottle of perfume, but does not drive into romance, but into gluttony.
  • Italy – Trentino-Alto Adige:  although this is the real birthplace of the variety, Gevurz here behaves modestly, the wine is quiet, the aromas are not deafened. Somewhere there whispers in the background of jasmine, modestly spreads honey, are shy in the corner of the tropics.

In other countries for Gevyurts took not so long ago and the hand has not yet been stuffed. Among the Spanish and Russian models there are some quite normal comrades, then they are completely disgusting. It’s not that they need to be squeamishly circumvented by them in the store, just do not expect too much.

New World

In Chile and Argentina geyvurtsy often vulgar (such roses can not even stand a pumped romantic) and rude, but New Zealand sincerely advise, there roses muffled the volume, honey is not as brazen as usual, and spices, on the contrary, found the strength to speak out to the public.


About food. Yes, we are dealing with white, but no light salads, the gevurts simply strangles them. But it will play an excellent game with the fact that many wines are beyond their power:

  • spicy and sharp Asian,
  • blue cheese,
  • pork and chicken, preferably in spices or with garlic.

Refrigerate.  Degrees to 12, and if you still well, very stuffy, then stronger – up to 8-10.

And further.  Count on gevurts for 600 rubles. not worth it. Gevurtsy cost the winery not cheap, because with the grapes a lot of fuss, so a decent price tag – for these wines is the norm. Start at least from 1200. Yes, you have to pay for heaven.

In conclusion, we say: we saw severe men on tastings, which for a long time got stuck with a glass of gevurts and gave him high marks. So to love this fragrant companion – business not only female and at all a shame. Especially when the pelvis of sharp chicken wings is at hand.

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