Dossier on Saperavi

Trust in wines from Russia and the former republics is growing. We are no longer so afraid to buy them, local varieties have become interested. Only here you sit down to read about one of these local varieties, and the Internet gives you only terrible technical articles: pubescence felt, a flower bisexual. We are trying to improve the situation, written in human language about the Saperavi variety. Wines from it on shelves are often found, so it is necessary to get acquainted urgently.

Saperavi. Origin

Saperavi is from Georgia, one of the main red varieties there. The exact age of it is not known, but it is clear that it is very ancient, most European varieties are just babies compared to it. On the territory of Georgia, wine began to be practiced 8 thousand years ago, much earlier than in Europe. Some experts say that in general all the winemaking went from Georgia, because it was there that the first cultivated vines appeared. And from there they were eventually carried to different countries, and then on the ground povyvyvodyli widely known European varieties. While in Georgia everything was serious, everything was withdrawn.

Dark Deeds

Saperavi – in translation “dyer”. Called it so that’s why. Dark grapes usually have only dark skins, and the pulp under it is light and juice, respectively, too. The color of the wine is usually attached to the skin. And at Saperavi the pulp and juice are pink, and the wine from it turns out to be properly colored. If you dilute it with water – not even noticeable. This is very fond of using in the manufacture of cheap podzabornyh wines, diluted – increased production volumes.

Such “unscrupulous” faults spoiled Saperavi’s image. Many people perceive it as a sort of wine for a primitive shashlykop. But you should try a decent wine from Saperavi – you immediately understand how cool this is. Therefore, it is very advisable to get to a good Saperavi. To get there, most likely, it is necessary not to the wine cellar, but to Georgia, and there actively to make friends with the local and drink what they pour. There is a feeling that the best Georgian wines settle somewhere not in our country.

Saperavi in ​​Georgian

What do Saperavi do and how much does it cost for us

They looked through the shops and made an approximate picture:

  • dry – from 350 for idle time up to 1700 rubles. for the “eminent” Mukuzani;
  • semidry – from 400 for idle time up to 1200 rubles. Pirosmani, a serious semi-dry;
  • semisweet – from 450 for idle time up to 2000+ for Kindzmarauli, Stalin’s favorite wine, according to rumors;
  • fortified – not detected;
  • sparkling – found only dubious semisweet for 400-500, where saperavi “on podpekah” in other varieties.

How to make dry wine

Usually, in Europe, the New World, we have – the future wine wanders in huge steel containers (cheap and hygienic), and all the extra-combs and peel-are removed immediately or almost immediately. In Georgia, now they switch to steel and standard methods, at large factories, for sure. But “chamber” producers still make wine in a special ancient way. Wander all together – and the juice, peel, and combs, there is a whole process in a huge clay pitcher, it’s called Kvevri
, there are Kvevri-giants with a volume of 3 tons. A pitcher is buried under the ground, the throat is sealed with clay. Under the ground stable 13-15 degrees, at which the wine comfortably wanders, excess oxygen does not penetrate, as the Kvevri is securely corked, while the wine can breathe through the pores of clay walls. And plus – in the clay there are admixtures of gold, silver and copper, provide disinfection. Wandering off, the wine in the same jugs and stored – conveniently, do not have to put up extra packaging.

How to make a semi-dry and semisweet

If you are planning an unhealthy wine, the grapes are left to hang longer, so as to ripe properly. In the ripe grapes of sugar more than usual, the grapes cope on two fronts – maybe the right degree of alcohol from sugar to wax, and a little sugar to allow for softening of taste. Wanders wine at first as dry, without additional bells and whistles, but at some point, when the desired fortress is scorched, – sharply lower the temperature, the future wine stresses, the sugar ceases to be processed into alcohol. Remains in the wine, provide him with additional charm.

What it all tastes like

Saperavi is a plum-cherry wine, tart, in the background garnets and all kinds of herbs-spices. What’s nice – despite the powerful grip, it somehow disposes to itself and quietly is drunk. If the Saperavi is semi-dry or semisweet, the power is softened by the sweetener, all together – envelops extremely. Does the clay jug affect the taste of wine? Let’s be honest, we sensed this: the taste of Kvevri wine is significantly affected by the fact that the juice, peel and combs wandered together – the wine turns out to be very rich and in a good way wild. Recognize the pitcher can only supersensitive people, and even if they hint. They say that Kvevri brings a noble cold to the taste of wine. Like the Syrah from the northern part of the Rhone Valley, which is in France.

Saperavi in ​​Russian

In Russia, too, are engaged in Saperavi, but there is one nuance. What we are bottled under the name of Saperavi is not always made from that oldest variety. There is a possibility that Saperavi North has gone to the wine. It was brought out in Soviet times, the country then needed an uninterrupted flow of wine, a superhero grapes, that’s the breeders and invented varieties that know themselves to bear fruit, and spit on them everything, even to you frosts, even drought. Saperavi crossed with the North, it turned a frost-resistant son, Saperavi Severny just. The bottles are rarely specified, that for Saperavi in ​​the composition. But, in principle, this is not so terrible, the main thing is that the winemaker should be diligent and aimed at creating a masterpiece.

Conclusions about what it is, a typical Russian Saperavi, while doing early, winemakers only stuff their hand, each time different fruit-berries taste, and the quality jumps.

We paste here a piece of our tasting table, with “living examples” more understandable.

name what do we think take?
2012 Phanagoria Crew Lermont Saperavi Plums, olives, fragrant herbs. It smells of the south, the taste is simple and wild – the wine is a shashlik ideal. Yes
2013 Phanagoria Crewe Lermont Saperavi Cheap such compote. no
2013 Chateau Tamagne Saperavi The taste is budgetary, sweetish, mysterious earthy notes. Take with them, if they suggest “a servant, come to the district, I’ll make you such a khinkali.” in despair, you can
2014 Ataman Grand Reserve Chernoblodka lay in an auto transport company, then made a compote from her. no
2014 Zaporozhye Saperavi Premium Feeling that you chew rotten, rotten rose bush. no
2013 Phanagoria 100 Shades of Red Saperavi It smells of blueberry forests, coffee with milk and woolen socks from a grandmother. In the taste of blueberries and mulberry, freshness and mental health. The entire tasting committee was unruly. yes, box
2014 South Kazakhstan Regional State Administration Oda Saperavi Zhukovsky The taste is different raw flesh, and more you will not wait for anything. Wash tartar in the forest belt. We will not specify from whom. no
2012 Inkerman Eritazh Saperavi The sour, tart, under a shish kebab in a plastic bucket with a deli is the most. no
2015 Chateau Tamagne Saperavi Sweetish-tart, with cockerels on a stick in smell and taste. But why did I put so much iodine over the males? no
2013 Ataman Grand Reserve Bathing No.1 Premium It smells bright, but something is somewhat unnatural. The taste – well, compote plum. no
2014 Phanagoria 100 Shades of Red Saperavi Mulberry, cherry, all ripe, oozing, hay from the hayloft attracts, in general, a sultry southern province. The taste is very spiritual, tart, but it is drunk so that the glass is not in 5 seconds. And again everyone was wrapped. yes, box

In general, if you just need something to take on the regional barbecue – the domestic Saperavi will fit, the more economical option – on the shelf full of options to 750 rubles. If you need a Saperavi for great pleasure, then it’s better to requite trustworthy people and take what someone has already tried and approves .

Saperavi in ​​Australian

Yes, Saperavi is also grown in Australia, as many as 14 wineries have been planted. Apparently, the variety interested the Australians, because they like to make wine more punchy, thicker, the varieties used by them Cabernet and Merlot may in some years be pumped up, you add to Saperavi wine – the saturation is guaranteed. Monosort wines from sultry Georgian Aussies also do. In their local stores, the Australian Saperavi is quite self- selling , we can not buy it anywhere.

Where else do Saperavi

Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Bulgaria.

Wrote-wrote, and forgot about the main thing. Saperavi, even the most eerie and unworthy, has one useful property – this wine helps to decide on the Act. In the 19th century, it was the Saperavi who gave Griboyedov courage to ask for the hands of his beloved. Now the age of 21, courage is required, in order to roll up the post on Facebook or call uber to hinkal – but that’s good. Guilt that leads to deeds, you need to know in person, at any time can come in handy.

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