A dog-friendly design of wine labels: wine for dog breeders

A bit about dogs and wine – an excellent business idea from inventive Californian guys. And a couple of bonuses in the theme from us – “Hound Dog” performed by Big Mama and Elvis.

I found a wine resource in the network , promoting a very nice and funny business idea – a wine club for dog lovers. Re6yata came up with the idea of ​​selling wine with portraits of dogs on labels. Address wine – for dog breeders and other lovers of man’s best friend. Carivintas Vinery is the name of their winery. Carivintâs – derived from two words: Caritas (Latin – charity, philanthropy, English – charity) and Vin (French – wine).

They produce wine themselves and buy from the best wineries in California. That is, wine is not any, but quite qualitative, suppliers have awards and all that sort of thing. Invited artists, and they draw on wine labels fairly tolerable dog faces. Often update their Wine Label Art Gallery , so that really become the owner of a unique canine portrait. You can order on the site from the available assortment, or make an individual order.

Some of the money from proceeds goes to shelters for pets. But not only – the charitable program also provides assistance to quite human organizations, not only to dogs – artists, organizations working with children, and other non-profit structures in the sphere of culture, art and the humanities.

In my opinion, it’s great. Not ordinary. And the dogs on the labels look funny. And besides, it’s a great gift idea – if your friends hold any Naidu or Bobik, you do not need to bother with which wine to fall on them at the weekend.

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