Cheese: where to take, than to wash down

Slicing cheese is the first thing that comes to mind when you’re going to open a bottle of wine. Well, someone second, after the meat. We select wine-cheese pairs, at the same time we share secrets – where to get a coveted piece of cheese in this country in these difficult times.

Part 1. Let’s pass on the basic types:

Solid cow

Parmesan, Grana Padano, Gruyere and other Swiss

To get a normal everyday Parmesan, real, you can here , but  here there are good Swiss. A couple of years ago we were promised a lot of sane domestic Parmesan, but so far there is no smell in supermarkets. In the meantime, in the south of Russia, and specifically in Stavropol, in the ordinary shops under the house before the sakings a good local Parmesan, not Italy, was sold, but it does not hurt at all. Sometimes he flashes in a  cheese shop on Dorogomilovsky market and in fashionable online stores .

What wine to open:

Red – calm, berry, not too tart and powerful.

  • italy – Chianti, Sangiovese, primitive, Negroamaro (chianti, sangiovese, primitivo, negroamaro);
  • Budget bordeaux (bordeaux, up to 900 rubles.);
  • Merlot, any country (merlot).

White – visited in a barrel, dense and “fat”.

  • Chardonnay cask, France (chardonnay, on the label to look for information on aging in a barrel);
  • cat-du-ron white (Cotes du Rhone);
  • Sicily, Apulia, something from local varieties (Sicilia, Puglia, regiment with Italy).

Mold white

camembert, brie

Beautiful and, what’s nice, the native camembert was found here . There is also a “light” version, tenderness and a neat nuance of mold, and a version for advanced (well, when exquisitely-seasoned socks smells all over the apartment). They say that one of the most worthy Camambers in the country is produced by Lefkadia (the one that makes wines). Until we tried, although the box of it, of course, beautiful, wooden, it’s hard not to hang out.

What wine to open:

Red, with the inviting tones of the raw forest and creaking veranda, which has already been raining for 50 years.

  • Bordeaux is more expensive, aged 5-7 years (bordeaux);
  • something from Tuscany or South Africa, from the Bordeaux varieties (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc).

Mold blue

dorblyu, gorgonzola, stilton, roquefort

A good blue mold lives in the same place as the white one. And mold, by the way, is Russian, but with taste it’s all right. You can get Italians here . And now about real life, outside the Internet. Our employee recently bought a cheese Grand Blu Milkana in the ABC of Taste – the place of production Moscow, cost about the same as the creepy Russian cheese, 150 rubles. for 100 g, it was all about failure. And the cheese was more than normal – fragrant, crumbs when sliced, as expected, melts in the mouth, melted cheese does not give.

What wine to open:

Semi-sweet or sweet, yes-yes. There are a lot of options, one thing is clear: it’s better to open a wine for 200 more near Moscow, rather than for 2,000.

  • modest new-world harvest harvest (late harvest, Chile, Argentina);
  • Muscat;
  • sotern, aiswain, (sauternes, icewine).

Goat, sheep

It is worth trying hard goat cheese from Armenia – how nerves calmed down a bit, ate grams of 200 and even think “well, let the sanctions live.” The first time we ran into him here . And  here there is a Russian manche for which you are not ashamed, eat and do not feel deprived and compromising. With goats and sheep, the situation in the present era is clearly better than with cows.

What wine to open:

The best friend of goats is Sauvignon, if it’s white. Almost everything from red is not very “oak” and with selhoznotes.

  • French sauvignon (sauvignon blanc);
  • rioha (rioja);
  • red from South Africa (often smell of a charming village).

Taste of innocence

mozzarella, feta, ricotta, mascarpone, Adyghe

The main domestic mozzarelshchiki – this, of course, Galbani. There is also the firm Umalat, makes quite decent mozzarella and cheeses spread, are sold in many supermarkets. Those who knew Italy, of course, will have to find fault, and so – this mozzarella is quite okay in the salad, this mascarpone on a fresh roll – an excellent start to a new day. And the Adygea cheese helps to close the chakra of tenderness 100% (only if it is an authentic product from the Caucasus, so to speak, Adygea is not in the suburbs, so to speak).

What wine to open:

  • Pinot grigio, white or pink (pinot grigio, Italy);
  • grüner veltliner (gruner veltliner, Austria);
  • pink zweigelt (zweigelt rose, Austria).

Part 2. We advise you to pay attention:

There are a couple of kinds of cheese, which kind of always melteshat before the eyes of the supermarket, but are not in great demand. Too they are specific at first glance. And at second glance, they are very even nothing.

Smoked cheese

Usually happens in the form of balls. At first it seems – a doubtful thing, rather, a snack for beer. This until you try it with the right wine. And the smoked cheese is good to throw in salads: tomatoes, cucumbers, grass, this cheese is an easy and not boring dinner ready.

What wine to open:

  • barrel white – Chardonnay, or something from Apulia or Sicily (chardonnay, Sicilia, Puglia, behind on the label to look for information on aging in a barrel);
  • gewurztraminer (gewurztraminer, France, Germany, New Zealand).

Cheese with fenugreek

It looks like cheese with some grain inside. “Grain” – seeds of fenugreek, give the cheese an interesting flavor: walnut-spicy, as if with an admixture of soy sauce.

What wine to open:

  • cask-white – Chardonnay, Apulia, Sicily;
  • sherry – manzanilla, amontillado, olorosa, medium or crimson (manzanilla, amontillado, oloroso, medium, cream).

Not so bad with cheese. At least, when you know where to get worthy options and what kind of wine will be delicious. You can safely, without hysteria and lomok to hold out to another gastro-outing to Europe. And there really tear myself away.

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