Be careful, the wine diet!

In the vastness of the Internet, the so-called wine diet is wandering around, and no blog about wine can ignore this. She promises an early loss of weight – 5 kg in 5 days. Since the diet is called wine, then, probably, the loss of weight is provided by wine? By no means. Wine has nothing to do with it at all. The effect of weight loss is achieved by elementary malnutrition – the minimum allowed foods and the exclusion of salt and sugar. Let’s take a closer look.

The diet exists in two variants – protein-carbohydrate and exclusively protein.

The first option, protein-carbohydrate:
1 breakfast – 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 tomato
2 breakfasts – 1 apple
Lunch – 200 g cottage cheese, 1 cucumber
Dinner – 200 ml of dry red wine

The second option, exclusively protein
breakfast – 100 g steak or 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch – 100 g steaks, 120 ml dry red wine
Dinner – 100 g steaks, 120 ml dry red wine

… Well, what can I say? – A minimum of products, you can not doubt that the weight will go away. Doubts about the other – do not hurt such a diet health. In principle, any diet with a sharp loss of weight is harmful, but there is also an additional risk – from alcohol to wine. Let’s consider more in detail both versions of a diet.

In the first variant, protein-carbohydrate, there is only possible before lunch. In the evening, only a glass of wine is provided. But … why is there wine here at all? Like – because of useful antioxidants. But there they are – an insignificant amount, and their impact on the body of scientists are still arguing. While the content of ethyl alcohol in wine is 12-14 percent, and its harm is indisputable. This is how to talk about the benefits of water procedures in relation to the tsunami. Alcohol during weight loss, when the body is weakened by a half-starved diet, can be very dangerous. Ethyl alcohol is basically destructive, and during a diet, all the more. In the first place, the brain cells will suffer, but also, for example, muscles, which in the process of losing weight will simply “grow old”. And about fat – experts write that under the influence of alcohol begins to form cortisol, which causes the deposition of fat. And you can rest assured that he will be deposited in the problematic areas. Wine should be drunk only in the accompaniment of food, and only at a time when you are not observing any diet with cut-down consumption of food. Simply put, “it’s necessary to have a snack”. Only an organism, completely satisfied with the intake of all the necessary substances, can compensate for the harm of alcohol contained in wine. Then, antioxidants will do the right thing.

The second option is a protein diet with wine. It seems to have been built more intelligently. At first sight. Wine is used in two doses, respectively, the body gets a smaller dose of alcohol at a time, it will be easier to cope with. And each time – accompanied by a protein (steak), which should compensate for the harm caused. Increased protein content should prevent cell death from both starvation and ethanol. However – in this version of the diet there is no fiber, any plant fibers, so you do not have to be a prophet to predict a complete stop of the intestinal work, with all the consequences.

Our conclusion is not worth the risk. Look for some other diet that will help you lose weight. To lose weight it is necessary in any more sparing ways. And only then, when you do not have to hang a sword of food restrictions over you, drink wine. In moderation. Accompanied by a delicious meal. In a good company. Wine is a pleasure, not a medicine. Joy of life, hedonism. Wine is, after all, beautiful)), look, for example, our “wine diet” from small Dutch .

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