Breakfast with wine: fritata by recipe Jamie Olivera

Unlike Harrison Ford (“Good Morning”, 2010), I cook fritatu less than 20 years. And he learned the recipe not during the “naked weekend”, but in the “bare chef,” as Jamie Oliver is also called. Despite the fact that he cooked for Tony Blair, the authorities did not spoil him. He still fights in his culinary shows and offers you recipes on the verge of sophistication and simplicity.


This is what the components of your decadent experience should look like:

While I rubbed it all, the oven warmed up to 220 degrees.
After taking a picture, I beat eggs with salt and pepper. Threw in the egg mixture zest, parmesan, parsley, shrimp, squeezed lemon juice and once again thoroughly stirred. In a heated frying pan (if the handle is plastic – it needs to be unscrewed beforehand ), add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and a slice of creamy. We wait until the oil warms up until the foam appears and pours out our frittata. Minute fry, lightly mixing.
Then – in the oven for 4-5 minutes, and fritata ready! In the oven it will rise and lighten slightly, but keep it there not too long, otherwise the shrimps will become rubber.

Who can drink wine at breakfast?

In England, where Jamie is from, recently banned the advertising of breakfasts with wine, which decided to promote the network of bars Corney and Barrow. Too radical the idea of ​​an advertising campaign seemed: “Forget about boring negotiations in the office, a glass of wine at breakfast – and your negotiations will come to a whole new level.” The slogan is bad, it’s true.

Breakfast with wine is a privilege of a person who does not need any office. This person, having breakfast, goes for a walk with a Yorkshire terrier or sinks briefly into the analysis of the queen’s gambit in the Pilsbury-Lasker party. Or uses the remains of frittates and wines for a still-life in the style of a late Campbell .

Where is the recipe

Jamie Oliver.  My ItalyThe recipe for frittates is taken from Jamie Oliver’s wonderful book ” My Italy “, which I boldly recommend to you. A chic 300-page volume only about Italian cuisine. There is everything – from the kaponata to the ribollites, to any possibilities in terms of ingredients and kitchen equipment. As Jamie himself says, good food and the ability to cook it in Italy is not an art, but a day-to-day life, everyone knows how, and this is not surprising.

5 things you should have in the kitchen (by Jamie Oliver)

  1. Pestle and mortar made of durable material. Very useful thing for grinding herbs and spices.
  2. A quality set of knives. If you are going to spend money on something for the kitchen – first of all buy good knives.
  3. A good set of herbs and spices. It is in them is the difference between a “normal” dish and “brilliant.”
  4. Good pots and pans that will last you a lifetime.
  5. Extra virgin olive oil, which you will use almost constantly – for all dishes it is necessary.

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