Bordeaux: how to deal with it and enjoy it

The hand in the store and would be happy to reach for a bottle of Bordeaux, but the stereotypes are pressed on the brain: a bordeaux is a monotonous boring sour, but you can have a chic Chile for the same money. In fact, this is what: in the Bordeaux region many different wines are made, and not just red ones, by the way. Among all this, it is really possible to find pleasant things, and even in all diversity, not to get confused. We will help.

Part 1. Wine for household needs: to
drink lunch / dinner, brighten up the reality

The bulk of Bordeaux wines are budgetary and unobtrusive red, just such a great staffing of the cellar and calmly take a glass a day.

1) Red everyday
Bordeaux, Bordeaux Superieur

What it is: Density and rampage will not be, there will be berries , moderate astringency and  sourness. What you need under the earth food – fried meat, meat stew, sausages. (Do not serve the table, there is a pan). Or sacred eating camembert. Age: from 2 to 5 years. You can be older, 5-7 years, if you are ready to stumble upon the agricultural nuances: a cozy barn, a navovets. Something younger than 2 years old is dangerous to take, very young bordeaux is harsh and rude. Price: 700-1500 rub. How to drink: Cool to 16-18 degrees (the cheaper the wine, the stronger). Open for half an hour, so that the wine has time to turn around in all its glory, being saturated with oxygen.

If you are impatient – pour the wine into a jug and leave for 15 minutes. Sometimes a pitcher’s method manages to save an unsuccessful wine, but a good one simply does not hurt to be liberated further.

About pink and white bordeaux, few know, they are modestly dusting on the shelf. And meanwhile – it’s a profitable investment, inexpensive and almost always to the point.

2) Pink Everyday
Bordeaux Rose

What it is: Light and cheerful, full of berries that disperse anguish. A bottle of this can be drunk together for about 15 minutes, especially with a bowl of salad, sausages or an elegant sliced ​​ham. Age: 1-2 years. If in the yard of 2017, the rose 2015-2016 – the very thing. A reliable indicator of freshness is the color of wine. Rose should be pink. Pale or optimistic-bright, most importantly, without reddish. There is a reddish – the wine began to lose shape, it is likely to be bitter, and the berries, which used to be in smell-taste, are now dying. Price: 700-1500 rub. How to drink: The pale the wine, the more you can cool it: a very light rose, the color of the morning mist (yes, not above Moscow), degrees to 8, and the rose is brighter to 10 degrees. Then immediately drink, do not need to breathe pink.

3) White everyday
Bordeaux Blanc, Entre-deux-Mers

What it is: Fresh, citrus and gooseberry, takes in the summer, even if you drink it on an icy bench. It inspires to cut salads, bake fish and generally enjoy life.
Age: Not older than a year. In 2017, you need wine 2016, for everything that is older – there is no hope, it can already be bitter and smell of decay. Price: 700-1500 rub. How to drink: Cool to 8-10 degrees, open and drink at once, white do not “exhale”.

Part 2. Wine for needs solid:
please yourself or someone, make an impression, mark an important date

1) Red Uneasy

Serious red burgundies come in 2 styles: left-bank and right-bank. In Bordeaux, the river Gironde flows, on its left bank make powerful wines, on the right – velvet.

a) Coast Left: power, strict currant, cigar boxes

>> Inspire on a leg of lamb or at least a fat steak
Medoc, Haut-Medoc

There is O-Medoc, that is, the Upper Medoc, because it is on the hills,  – the wine there began to be made in the Middle Ages. A Medoc before the 17th century was a swamp, then it was taken, drained and also planted with grapes. Naturally, O-Medoc works for the elder, the wines from there are considered more “trendy” and refined. Medoc’s wines are more rustic and honest. But both are powerful and carnivorous – a decent sourness and tartness even lazy provoke to go to the stove, fry a ram or steak fatter. Age: 5-10 years Price: from 1200 rub.

>> Drink near the fireplace, forget about the worldly

Margo wines are called feminine, because they reveal violets and roses, however, this should not scare off men – the power, pepper and espresso are there too. And in general, at the end of a difficult day, no one was disturbed by a glass of silk wine, which does not induce an emergency consumption of meat in the night. Well, one silky steak. Age: 5-15 years Price: from 3500 rub. You can find and for 2500, but in our country it’s better not to take risks, the piercing effect is not guaranteed at all.

>> To me, please, the power and perfection of
Pauillac, Graves, Pessac-Leognan

Wines from Poyack are the most serious in terms of power and taste. I took a sip – and everything, sitting in your private office, in a leather armchair, stuffing a pipe with tobacco, a currant sings outside the window. In wines from Grava less power, and currants a little more, and Grav is the heart of Bordeaux, there were the most ancient vineyards. Well, Pessac-Leonjan is part of Grave, that’s where the most ancient vineyards are. All these wines provoke meat – steak or duck, as it should be roasted in the oven. Or a mature cheese – extracted by blood, then by flight. Age: 7-15 years Price: starting at 3500 rub. There are options for 2500, but in our country it is better not to take risks and allocate an extra one thousand.

>> And I can the same, but more accessible
Saint-Estephe, Saint-Julien

St. Estefs and St. Julian are like potions – power and gentleness. They are not  so noble, but they stand a little more humane. Eating red meat, duck or, oh yes, inaccessible cheese, hard and mature here will come in handy. Age: 5-10 years Price: from 2000 rub.

b) Coast Right: life in chocolate on a velvet sofa

>> Thicker and “let it slide down my throat like a baby Jesus in velvet panties”

In Pomerol, wines are made for burnt hedonists. There the cherries recline in the sun loungers near the pools with chocolate, they breathe incense. Remove the velvet sofa from my grandmother-aristocrat, sit down with a glass. Keep a duck or lamb nearby. (Fat hands wipe on the couch). Age: 5-15 years Price: from 3500 rubles., And it is better to invest more seriously, pomrol – it’s the case.

>> Velvet Medium

” Velvet sofa is good, but sometimes it would be nice to get up, walk through the woods, shoot game,” convince us of the fault of St. Emilion. We impose ourselves meat with mushrooms and agree. For dessert we serve berry pie, not very sweet, with a slant in naturalness, we drink the remains of St. Emilion instead of tea – and we leave for the camp of lovers of this wine. Age: 5-15 years Price: from 2500 rub.

>> Hedonism for the middle class Fronsac

Fronsak – it’s like pomolol and St-Emil together, but without a noble origin and with a more affordable price tag. Density, velvet cherries and mushrooms from the lord’s forest from this have not gone away. Bake meat or duck, arrange berry sauce or mushrooms for a side dish – and everything, the evening was a success. Age: 3-10 years Price: from 1500 rub.

Topical issues:

1) The price . In particular Bordeaux wines, the extreme price limit is high (your nerves have been protected, no figures have been indicated). How much to spend – depends on your determination, but still go beyond the limit of 10 thousand rubles. in this country is not recommended.

2) Year. Older or younger ? By youth, a serious red bordeaux bites, it’s hard to drink – it knits so that it reduces cheekbones. Then comes the ideal age, when the wine should be drunk and drunk – just it we indicated for each wine. All audacity is smoothed out, but the berries are in place, the barn sheds insinuatingly, but it’s even more interesting with him. Then the wine enters the phase of maturity, the form holds, but softens, the rural nuances seize power. If you yearn for the village – older wines will fascinate you, but if you are a convinced citizen – avoid them.

3) The ideal year . Before buying a serious bordeaux, it makes sense to look at the table of the millezim  – experts assess yields in different regions every year. Looked and realized that in 2005, St. Emilion stood out for glory, and in 1991 for the third grade. Stuck is useful, but you do not need to believe the table unconditionally. Grapes may not have been born, and the winemaker got out of the skin and made a decent wine out of it.

4) I want a wine of my own year of birth . If you are not ready to allocate for a bottle more than 5-7 thousand rubles, then wine over 10-12 years old should not be bought. To make a long-living wine, it is necessary to work hard – and where there were great works, there will often be large prices on the shelf.

How to drink:

1) Cool . Up to 17-18 degrees (a couple of hours in the refrigerator).

2) To breathe . Pull it out for 2-3 hours before the moment X. Open and leave to relax, breathe. Better yet, pour some of the wine into a jug and let it breathe in it. When you pour out the first batch of glasses, pour the following into the jug.

3) If the wine is adult, from 8 and older . Instead of a jug, you need to take a decanter. That very vessel of a strange form, in such still in the cinema expensive wine is served. Only the decanter will get rid of the sediment that the wine starts in the venerable years. Feel free, as with a jug – part of the wine pour into the interior of the decanter and leave it to breathe. Then, when pouring into glasses, the decanter will show all its power – the sediment will try to get into the glass, but the brave decanter will hold it.

4) Tenderness . The older the wine, the more tender it needs to pour, with age it becomes fragile. Flickering hot, you can break the structure, and hence taste.

5) Glasses . For serious wines (this is older than 5 years and (or) more than 2-3 thousand rubles.) There are special glasses, more, 500-700 ml. To buy such it is necessary, if you drink mature and expensive bordeaux on an ongoing basis. And so in general – ordinary glasses with a volume of 300-400 ml are quite appropriate.

2) White uneasy Graves, Pessac-Leognan

The gravel is a subregion in Bordeaux, there were ancient vineyards, everything breathes history. In addition to the red ones (read above), in Grave make uneasy white. Pessac-Leonhyon – the northern part of Grave, the first vines of Bordeaux were planted here, hence the winemaking spread throughout the region. Uneven white can be of 2 types:

>> Type 1, non-linear: grow wings, crackle with salad

Wine is light, citrus and linden, but with high IQ and special effects in the glass makes a long time. Tends to lean fish and salads. Drink this should be young, at the age of 1-3 years, to cool to 10-12 degrees.

>> Type 2, barrel: sit over a glass, decorously dine out

The wine is rich and dense. Through the gooseberry syrup pears, lemons, sun-warmed verandah and allusions to the fact that it’s time to tear a chicken or a portion of meat in a creamy sauce. And if this evening is not up to food – you can sit in a chair with a glass and fall into the aristocratic longing.
This wine will live long, at the age of 5 will only gain momentum, and in the 10-year-old will still be able to set the heat. But over the years it will become “fatter”, creamier and will lose valiant citrus. If you need citrus freshness – it is better to take a bottle younger, up to 4 years.

How to identify: read the counter label, if the wine was kept in a barrel – there it is written, and at the same time the term of imprisonment is indicated. Price: from 1200 rub.

3) Dessert

About soterny and about wine from grapes with mold (noble, ah), many heard. But few know what soterny do in Bordeaux. In a small wine district called Sauternes. Not far from Sothern, on the other side of the river, is Barsak, where sweet wines are also made. To taste and the general mood, they differ among themselves.

>> Aristocrats do not cry, aristocrats whisper

In smell-taste full of joys: fruits (from apricots to exotic, from fresh to dried), honey, rolls with cinnamon. But all this in a whisper and half-hints, on top of a stylish fallen foliage, and in addition there is a pretty decent sourness – so that the Sauternes do not seem cloying. Even those who are against sweet comforts drink it calmly. Price: from 2000 rub.

>> Soul unraveling, emotions rumble

You will like those who need Dolce Vita. The same taste delights that are in Sauternes, only brighter and cheekier. Oh, if rolls, they do not whisper, but boldly expressed, fruits and honey puff from the glass. But the sour is here and comes to the rescue.
The price: from 1500 rbl.

Age: dessert from Bordeaux are good and with a heat with a heat – at the age of up to 5 years, and older. Over the years, the wine is becoming softer, the fruit is more candied. Decent soterns are alive and at 15 years old, and at 20 (and they stand as a second-hand, but still a car). With more or less accessible pull for more than 10 years is not worth it, but some inexpensive badger is better to drink in the first 5 years. How to drink: About coldness to 12-14 degrees. If the wine seems too fragrant – then you can and stronger, the cold will pacify. In general, to drink dessert is put from small narrowed glasses, narrowing is necessary, so that not so strongly breathed honey in the person. But it’s not important, you can pour into a regular glass, a little bit. Than to seize: – sharp Asian food, – cheese with blue mold (if suddenly),

– pates (decent) on a roll.

If that, you can read more about different dessert wines here .

In general, it is not necessary to know by heart many terrible names and chateaus. A simple, completely elevating theoretical base is enough to choose a suitable bottle for the evening. Or in the morning, you never know.

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