Bohemian snack for wine according to the recipe of Julia Child

Guests and you. Here are two scenarios. Or this is a leisurely, pre-planned collection of Scottish clans. Or – the guest falls on your head like a helicopter landing in “Apocalypse Now”. For the first option, you have your own recipes of traditional, epic dishes. I want to arm you in case of a sudden guest storm, when you have nothing to count on, except for your own enterprising and scant reserves of the most elementary products, like wine and Worcester sauce …

On a note

1. The dough circles should be somewhere 2 cm larger in diameter than your cake
cups. 2. Put the dough in the container, puncture it with a fork with a few holes, otherwise it will rise.


This is what I took out of the oven 10 minutes after all the manipulations described above. I confess that I did not present such a bohemian French snack as hearty. I can not imagine, say, Baudelaire, who, after a couple of these tartlets, wants to write something in the spirit “Around me is the longing for leaden lands, Earth is lifeless and heaven is starless.” But for a platoon of sudden guests, these glorious products, of course, will do.

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