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7 Ways to Open Wine Without a Corkscrew

Quest “Discover wine without a corkscrew” can be considered a dedication to a true enophilus. If you manage, of course. Ways to open a bottle without a corkscrew is complete – and now is the time to study them. Still, in warm weather, spontaneously drink wine more often, and the necessary tools are not always available.
So, if you have managed to take wine with a usual stopper, and not under the screw, you can open the bottle with the help of these items:

1. Tapcom

What you need: A reliable wall and boot (oxford, barges, loffers, grinders, strange bots from the market – everything will go), but it’s better not to connect the shoes on the hairpin and other labutenes.

How to open: Remove the foil from the bottle, place the bottle in the bottom of the boot, just above the heel – so that everything fits tightly. Slightly hit this construction against the wall. It is important not to overdo it, so as not to arrange a wine fountain and not to break the bottle. Therefore, when the cork comes out slightly more than half, we move away from the wall and gently pull it out with our hands.

2. The keys

What you need: Keys with a narrow tip – from the car, apartments where the money is lying, or a box with a Dandy prefix and children’s letters from the summer camp, in which you ask your mother to take you from this hell.

How to open: We stick the key into the edge of the plug at an angle of 45 degrees. When the key enters the plug on ⅔, start gently scrolling it and pulling out the cork. After a successful opening of the wine, it is important to accidentally not throw the cork together with the keys into the trash after a wave of success.

3. Knife

What you need: A knife with a narrow blade, ideally serrated, but will come off and smooth. In practice, the knife of a mushroom picker, and a foldable penknife, shows itself normally. The main thing is not to be stupid.

How to open: Straighten the index finger and imagine that it is made of steel and belongs to the Terminator. We put a finger on the cork so that a little push it into the bottle. It is important to enter the image of a cyber machine and not bend a finger in the first phalanx. Then slightly at an angle, gently pry the blade into the cork to its middle and gently rotate it in one direction, pulling it upwards. So the plug will come out easier and, probably, will not even crumble.

4. Cosmetics

What you need: Lipstick, or better lip gloss or mascara with a diameter of no more than a cork.

How to open: If you are a girl – porosya in a bag, a suitable tool for sure there. If you are a guy, borrow a hygienic lipstick from the nearest woman with the words: “Your lips are dry.” We apply this same Lancome, MAC, Maybellin to the cork and begin to crush as hard as possible until the cork slips into the bottle. Do not miss lipstick there.

5. The pump for a bicycle

What you need: A pump for a bicycle or a ball with a needle attachment, an atmosphere of glee and a picnic and an operator with a camera on the phone to pour an epic video with this focus on Youtube.

How to open: Insert the tip of the pump into the cork as deeply as possible and start pumping air into the bottle (usually two or three movements are enough). The cork will come out, and then fly out under pressure. Do it all carefully, so that the bottle does not crack. The effectiveness of the method is off scale.

6. Pliers

What you need: Screwdriver, screw, pliers, as well as sleight of hand and a desire to outdo Petrovich’s plumbing, which skillfully cleans pipes for you.

How to open: Screw a screwdriver or just a hand screw to the middle of the plug. Do not get carried away, otherwise the plug may be damaged. Further for this most screwed screw pull the plug with pliers. Impressive, if you do all this gracefully, without sweat on the forehead and savory swear words (you can).

7. Hanger

What you need: A hanger made of fine steel wire, a portrait of David Copperfield in a breast pocket and faith in a miracle.

How to open: Remember the lessons of labor and the transfer of “crazy hands” – first straighten the hook from the hanger, then we make pliers at the end of the same, but small – like fishing. Bend it preferably at an angle of about 30 degrees, and then stick it between the cork and the glass of the bottle. When the hook hooks the cork from below, turn it slightly and start pulling.

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