10 business ideas in wine tourism

Wine tourism for the winemaker is to take guests, place them, water them, feed them, show them their vineyards, press for squeezing juice, bring them to wine cellars, give them their wine tasting, maybe sell something. Basically that’s all. Brings good additional income to the household. But every business moves the original ideas forward. What can a winemaker think of to turn his farm into a tourist attraction? It turns out that there are a lot of things. Here are just a few unusual business ideas in the field of wine tourism .


1. Get in the architects world celebrity

Marques De Riscal, Elciego, La Rioja, Spain Get involved
in the restructuring of your winery or wine hotel of the prominent – the most prominent in the world – architect. The hosts Marquis de Riscoe did so, with them worked Frank Gehry, the author of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. That says it all. Just look at the pictures.


2. Let the estate be a dendrological park

Chateau Mouton-Rothschild
Expand the assortment of sights of your economy with some non-standard object – a park of sculptures of modern art, an incredibly beautiful rose garden, an aviary with exotic animals, even a room of fear – a tourist loves surprises. Or, for example, leave part of your estate under the arboretum, smash your little Versailles there. Chateau Muton-Rothschild is not without reason so listed among all the tourists in the world. Its park is the same attraction as its vineyards, tasting rooms or its museum.
Sights of the Muton-Rothschild Chateau


3. Open the chic museum

Again the Château Mouton-Rothschild
Create an unusual museum in your estate. For example, the Museum “Wine in Art”. Not a museum of art-wine, which is a lot – about the device of the press for pressing grapes, namely the Wine-in-the-Art Museum, where the exhibits – paintings, sculptures, tapestries – samples of this high art. It is such a Museum created in the chateau of Mouton-Rothschild, for many years holding the championship in the ranking of the most visited objects of wine tourism. The tourist has something to see on the farm, except the vine. He can see the same vine in the pictures of great and small Dutch.
Album of museum exhibits on amazone.com


4. Draw the walls of the basement with frescoes

Economy Mastroberardino, Campania, Italy
You can not create an art museum specifically, but use its wine cellars in this function – unless, of course, their vaults and walls are painted like the cellars of the Italian farmstead of Masturberardino. Looking at their frescoes, the tourist will inevitably remember his last year’s visit to the Sistine Chapel.


5. Break the vineyard right among the ruins

And again, Mastaberardino ahead of all
Correct the story – argue with the volcano. If there are some historical ruins nearby, find out – maybe several millennia ago vineyards bloomed there. Revive them. And if we are talking about vineyards on the slopes of Vesuvius, and the ruins are the ruins of Pompeii, then your farm can become not just a famous but a world famous wine center. How it happened with Masturberardino. The revival enthusiasm of this farm was supported by the Italian authorities, and now in Pompeii the vine is again bearing fruit.


6. Engage the helicopter

Invite your tourists to look at the vineyards from a bird’s eye view. Walking by helicopter is still considered an unusual activity – in general, and not only in the wine tourism industry. However, the most enterprising wineries and many tourism firms have already taken this into service. Vineyards are best covered by a view from the sky – great seen from a distance. Tourists adore this is not cheap, in general, pleasure.


7. And even better – a balloon

And most of all tourists like to view the famous chateau, protruding from the wicker basket of a balloon. Give them this. Farms individually to keep such a thing on their winery are beyond their power, and they cooperate with travel companies, and they arrange overflights of vast territories, covering several farms at once. For example, the Bordeaux region. Chateau Sant Emilien, Pomrol, Fronzak … This adventure is guaranteed for a lifetime.
Hot Air Ballooning


8. Dare to trust Greenpeace

Château Fuissé, Burgundy
Offer your vineyards for extraordinary art events, such as the sensational performance “the bare truth about the greenhouse effect.” American contemporary artist Spencer Tunick and “Greenpeace” stripped 713 people and photographed against the background of the vineyards Chateau Fuisse, Burgundy. Type, the person is a goal and defenseless in the face of environmental disasters.
Château Fuissé
Website Greenpeace Website


9. Never ignore the artists

Art in the service of winemaking – so you must think. To promote your name, your wine brand, attract a lot of tourists to the farm with the help of artists – this idea works very well. Château Mouton-Rothschild has for almost 70 years ordered the design of labels for his wine to world famous artists. The display of labels traveled the world and is now available for inspection in the chateau itself. Coupled with the magnificent park and the museum “Wine in Art” – is this not a motivation for a wine tourist to visit such an intriguing place? Peter Mayle with his books about Provence and Ridley Scott with the movie Good Year, shot on one of Mayle’s books, made as much for the winemakers of this southern province of France as no one did. And you know how many people drove through the wineries of California route heroes Oscar-winning tape On the sidelines ? Take and dump with the neighboring chateaux – let some cinematographic guru remove his next picture in the vastness of your vineyards. And do not forget – almost every movie heroes are drinking something. Let it be your wine. The owner of the cafe Don’s Plum allowed to shoot in their interiors a film with the participation of Leonardo DiCaprio with one condition – that the sign in the frame was his. Follow his example.
All labels for wine Château-Mutou-Rothschild
Peter Mayle’s books about Provence


10. Take the bride and groom to the vineyards

Private initiative in social networks
And you can also make your business for organizing “wine” weddings. As one American blogger did. He studied all the available information about the winemaking farms of his region and developed activity in social networks – he takes the owners of the vineyards with the budding newlyweds. Offers the latter the best conditions for organizing weddings – the most profitable, the most romantic, on the most original wineries and the most beautiful vineyards.


+1. Simulate contact with the alien mind

As a bonus on my own, I can offer an update of the old idea with “crop circles”, for the time being, unfortunately, not implemented by anyone. Apparently, because this will have to sacrifice part of their vineyards. But not only ordinary boring wine tourists will come to you, but also a lot of insane people who believe in UFOs. With proper promotion in the press, your tourist site can attract the abyss of curious people. Specificity of the public should not bother you – in the tasting room all the tourists are the same. I suspect that the idea can turn out to be a big profit. Daru.

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